Welcome to our Space Engineers server page,

At the moment we are hosting 2 space engineers server, check here for status, ingame admins and map:

Plannets Survival:


 Creative Battle arena reset automatic

Space Engineers is a Sandbox building shooter in Space! That last part makes sense with the title of the game…..

You are dropped in the vastness of space, or on a planet with an escape vehicle, it contains enough resources just to keep you alive and get you started on your mission: Survive, Build, Trade and explore! You can do anything you want, with the right mindset and a group of people you could start your own trading company!


We host this game on our server and actively contribute to the development of this game (KSH).

We reset the worlds as little as possible when it comes to survival worlds, and we reset our creative worlds every few hours automatically (clean performance!!).


Check out it’s availability and join to see if it’s something for you!
Steam join survival

Steam join Creative