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Do you “click” with the people in the community (can we laugh with you, can we play games as a team, are you someone we can talk with?)

Are you an active member of the community? (do you try and keep contact with the people you click with, (teamspeak, whatsapp, Website), do you join us to play or simply talk with the people in the community? At least once a month would be a minimum for us!

Are you 18 years of age or over? (exceptions are made, but we want a mature mindset, we are still immature in our own right, so we don’t need any extremes on that part).

Do you adopt a 0 tolerance policy on hacking? (we do not look kindly on hackers, cheaters or the likes, if you are one you don’t fit in the community, if you try and make the life of hackers/cheaters miserable … we welcome you !)

The first two are something that needs to be experienced on both sides, so don’t be shy and join us!
Show us who you are and we will show you who we are, if it clicks, it clicks.


- Use of Teamspeak is obligated

- Registration on this website is obligated

- a working headset is a must :)!

If there are any issues, feel free to let us know and we are more then willing to help out!


Recruitement process:

Once you have decided to join us the following will happen before you become a full member:

- Once you meet al the criteria above a Division Leader (or rank above) will assign you iCare. Recruit membership in Teamspeak and on the website.

- You will remain a recruit for a period of two weeks, after these two weeks the recruiter (Div. Leader of above) will evaluate if you indeed click within the community.

- The recruiter will inform you of the result, make a scene (horns, trumpets or a lot of boo's and crying) and will either assign you full membership or remove the recruit status letting you know you didn't "make the cut".

- The recruiter will let the community know the result through a message on the website, giving you the option to further introduce yourself within the vast community.



If you want to know more about iCare. and how the community is set up you can read the following document, this explains all the roles we have implemented in the community.